Erciyes University was established in 1978 and located in Kayseri province in Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. The name of the university was inspired by Mt Erciyes (3916 m), which lies 15 kilometers to the south-west of the city. Mt Erciyes is one of Turkey's most influential winter sports centers. Kayseri has important natural, cultural and historical places besides that, please see “about Kayseri province” tab on the website for more detailed information.
Today, Erciyes University is among the most reputable universities of Turkey and consists of 7 institutes, 18 faculties, 3 colleges, 10 vocational colleges, 38 research centers. Erciyes University has 3 campuses (Kayseri Central, Seyrani & Tomarza) and a total of 445 departments. Main campus (Kayseri Central Campus) has integrating education, research and health services all on one area. During the 2015-2016 academic year there were more than 60.000 students in various levels of education (associate, bachelors, masters and doctorate) with a rich academic staff.
The university has Medicine, Engineering, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Architecture, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Theology, Fine Arts, Education, Communication, Sciences, Arts, Health Sciences, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tourism, Law, Pharmacy, Agriculture faculties. Highly developed research hospital consisted of more than 1,500 beds with a general hospital (Gevher Nesibe Hospital) and with its other hospitals is among the most influential health facilities in the region.
Our students and staff have the opportunity to benefit from the specific national & international Exchange Programs working under our Foreign Relations Office such as Erasmus+, Mevlana & Farabi exchange programs.
Course Information Package (CIP) provides important contributions to practice a better planned education for the students.
Erciyes University has 140 student clubs operating under 10 platforms (Health, Economics and Business Administration Platform, Science and Culture, Culture and Art, Science, Technology, Social Activities, Sports, Education and Literature & Theatre Platforms).