General Information
ERU (Erciyes University), Foreign Relations Office represents our university abroad and facilitate all aspects of the programmes. We provide our domestic & international students, and academic staff with all the counseling, advice, and information about their host country that is necessary for them to go to school and work abroad. By establishing effective communication with faculty and departments, Foreign Relations Office Units are ready to answer any questions and provide guidance.
Erciyes University Foreign Relations Office Duties and Responsibilities;
- Implementing internationalization strategy of the university,
- Carrying out activities for students and faculty staff,
- Establishing bilateral and multilateral cooperations with universities intended for educational and academic purposes,               
- Taking necessary steps for students and staff to make their mobility,
- Participating in the training, research and promotion fairs both in the country and the abroad,
- Ensuring orientation training for foreign students,
- Ensuring the announcement of internships, projects, congresses, conferences etc. to the students and the staff,
- Coordinating necessary studies with other relevant departments of the university during the visits of foreign or domestic representatives, 
- Supporting all the correspondences and communications of the university with the institutions abroad,
- Supporting student events related to the field of activity taking place in the university,
- Supporting all kinds of common training and research oriented activities with institutions, as well as contributing to the communication to be established and developed in this concern.