Kayseri is a major transport nexus for the region and the public transportation system in Kayseri is quite modern. Transportation in Kayseri is quite active and easy. Kayseri is the active traffic line of our country and the Central Anatolia Region; for this reason, you can arrive in Kayseri quickly by highway, airway or railway.
  • You can arrive by highway. It is easy to provide transportation by intercity terminal. Upon your arrival to the terminal, if the transportation company you have preferred has local minibus opportunities (that is; a lot of companies have this opportunity), it is easy for you to go to city center, university, dormitories and places of destinations by these minibuses.
  • It is also comfortable to arrive in Kayseri by airlines. When you arrive at Erkilet Airport, you can get on public buses when you come out of the airport. Thanks to these opportunities, you can reach city center easily.
  • If you arrive in Kayseri by railway, the station is very close to the State Hospital. You can go to the city center on foot for nearly 20 minutes or by using the bus station which serves actively next to the railway station. 
Since 2009 Kayseray which is a light rail transit system is also working for in-city transportation.
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